Sean Parker is a lot of things. Napster co-founder. First president of Facebook. Guy played by Justin Timberlake. Next, reports the SF Business Times, he'd like to be the man behind the cure for allergies.

Parker, 35, is himself an allergy sufferer: He carries EpiPens with him wherever he goes in case he encounters peanuts, some legumes, tree nuts or shellfish. Despite that, he's been hospitalized 14 times in the last four years alone. And he's "come pretty close to the edge a couple of times,” he told the Chronicle.

But if Parker can sidestep copyright law for years with Napster and sully Big Sur with a decadent, environmentally egregious fairytale wedding, then surely he's up to this latest disruption. (That wedding, by the way cost $10 million, which is nothing to sneeze at.)

The plan? Step 1: Donate $24 million to Stanford, where else? Step 2: Enroll himself in trials for an allergy cure, one that only requires one or two treatments. Says Parker to the Chron, “It’s not just enough to come up with slightly better incremental improvements on the kind of treatments that are out there. The goal is actually to achieve a cure.”

Kari Nadeau, who's an associate professor of allergies and immunology, has been chosen to lead what's being called the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy Research. Her groundbreaking work was the subject of a NYT Magazine profile last year, and she, herself, has treated 700 allergy patients over the past few years. She hopes to start clinical trials next year with Parker in the first group.