Another day of storms, another day of significant delays and copious cancellations at San Francisco International Airport, as a daylong rainstorm is expected to snarl travel in and out of SFO for most of Monday

According to the National Weather Service, the Bay Area should expect rain through most of Monday. This has prompted SFO to go on a ground delay program, a condition in which "the rate of arrivals will slow to meet the ability of the airport to land planes," an airport official said today.

Officials have also cancelled 39 departures and 41 arrivals as a result of the program, which started today at 8 a.m. and is expected to end at midnight.

Just because a flight hasn't been cancelled doesn't mean everything's rosy, however: according to airport officials, arriving and departing travelers are facing delays as long as a grueling 109 minutes

National Weather Service forecasters say that the storm is expected to last throughout the day, and has so far dropped over half an inch of rain in San Francisco.

Even more showers are expected overnight, which could mean more delays at SFO late into the night and early Tuesday.

"It's all up to Mother Nature," an airport official said when asked if and when travelers could expect things to return to normal.

In the meantime, please do make sure to check with your airline before heading out to the airport. Though SFO's restaurant workers have returned from their strike, that's still a long time to wait to get on a plane, even with that fabulous airport food.