#Hellastorm, #rainpocalypse, #biblicalrain: take your pick of media nickname for this real big rainstorm you're seeing right now. But whatever you want to call this thing, it claimed two BART stations, at both Montgomery and San Bruno.

San Bruno station reopened fairly quickly:

But it took Montgomery Station until nearly 1 p.m. to reopen. And by reopen, we just mean for trains, as escalators and elevators are still offline. Sorry about that.

Oh yeah, there's still "a major delay system wide due to rain."

Here's some harrowing footage of water pouring into Montgomery Station during some heavy rain three weeks ago, which might serve as a clue to that station's troubles.

@sfmta Montgomery stn Thurs nt - will the ceiling collapse?

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In case you were planning to take a cable car today, which wasn't a good idea to begin with, now you can't, because those are closed. Instead there are shuttle busses.

SF Bay Ferry service has been canceled due to the storm, and as of 8:45, Golden Gate Ferry service was operating as usual. Check here for updates on that.

For buses, there are several reroutes happening:

And, on the sunny side, don't worry about parking tickets:

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