While we were distracted by Thanksgiving, the team from Wish Bar and Lounge unlocked the doors to the restored 3079 16th Street space, formerly Esta Noche, which they're calling Bond. Bizarrely, despite being open a couple weeks, they've flown way under the radar and haven't even attracted a Yelp firsties review yet.

In past months locals have noticed plenty of work being done in the space. The starkest difference to the exterior is a new coat of paint in a dark gray, rather than the colorful greens and yellows of yore. The Esta Noche sign has been covered up but hasn't been removed just yet.

But stopping in for a drink, which you can now do because it's open, reveals a handsomely renovated interior. As co-owner Andrea Minoo puts it, "the space isn't fully complete, but it's open and everyone seems to like it." Nice side tables and light fixtures are to the left, the bar's on the right, and the back is still waiting on furniture and art.

Fans of the bar area's striking arch, dotted with light bulbs like a backstage mirror, will be happy to know it's looking good. Another feature, a staircase that leads nowhere but has a handsome banister, is in good shape. Minoo points out that the building was, at one point, a hotel of several stories.

As far as the vibe, Minoo wants people to classic rock out: "Our whole concept is rock and roll, old, new and everything and in between: the Stones, the Doors, through indie rock." Also expect football on Sundays, as Bond has a large projector they're using for background videos during evening hours.

Behind the bar, classic drinks arrive quickly and with little fuss. This isn't a cocktail nerd's paradise, but neither were artisanal concoctions ever a thing at Wish or Esta Noche. It's just a neighborhood bar that's waiting to find some new regulars.

Bond - 3079 16th Street between Mission and Valencia - Now open