222 Hyde, which the SFBG lovingly called a rave cave, closed last year due to a change in ownership of the building plus some trouble with their liquor license. Before the team left, though, they rigged the space with a pretty impressive Turbosound sound system. Oh yeah, and they also had a massive rager to say goodbye.

Now as the Tenderloin fills with clubs, bars, and high end restaurants, the vacated Hyde and Turk space has become The Basement. It's owned by Larry Livingston (of Palladium), whom Eater reports nabbed the space for its history. Between 1949 and1963, it was the green room of the Black Hawk, a jazz club of note that's since been demolished.

The Basement's got a narrow bar on the ground floor, but that's just the lead up to the eponymous, spacious basement with that sound system we mentioned. ( SFist commenter Peter notes that the Turbosound setup likely ended up at Mercer instead.) The club is still waiting on its entertainment license, hosting comedy nights in the meantime. It's beer and wine only (for now) but the selection sounds worthwhile and bar bites are coming soon. In fact, they've even got a soju cocktail called the Rave Cave. Go figure.