The Nation has added its "hell no" to the idea of San Francisco hosting the 2024 Summer Olympic Games, summing up the wake of an Olympic Games in any city thusly: "Debt. Displacement. Militarization of public space. Gentrification on steroids."

Giants CEO and primary Olympics booster Larry Baer will be arguing otherwise for the next couple of years, especially if (god help us) SF emerges as the top choice among US cities to bid for the games. Some of your wide-eyed, Olympics-loving friends may start gunning for the games too, bringing up things like the Central Subway and how funds might magically appear to extend it to Fisherman's Wharf. So, if you disagree, be prepared to arm yourself with some of the following arguments, via Dave Zirin and Jules Boykoff at The Nation.

  • "the history of Olympic city bidding is unequivocal: every Olympics since 1960 has run over-budget."
  • "The possibility of San Francisco games costing less than $5 billion is about as likely as finding a one-bedroom in Pacific Heights for $400 a month."
  • "Displacement and gentrification are amplified wherever the Olympics appear."
  • "San Francisco already suffers from all of the problems that the Olympics would exacerbate. Earlier this year we saw protests focused on 'Google buses,' the chartered shuttles ferrying tech workers from the city to Silicon Valley that are a glaring symbol of inequality. The Olympics will bring the equivalent of a platinum-plated fleet of Google buses, and, per IOC’s normal requests, their own special driving lanes."
  • "Then there is police brutality. Where the Olympics go, crackdowns on the poor follow."

You thought the America's Cup was a boondoggle? Just wait.

Also, it should be noted that there's already a very vocal group of concerned citizens in Boston staging anti-Olympics rallies, hoping to convince the public there that Boston should withdraw its bid for the same Summer Olympics, for basically the same reasons outlined above.

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