We all know that the week of storms has flooded roads and taken unsuspecting drivers by surprise. But what about the drivers who have ample warning that the weather has made a road impassable, but choose to ignore it? Do we reserve any sympathy for them?

We talked yesterday about that tricky stretch of Caesar Chavez beneath 101 — it doesn't take too much falling rain to flood the area, and Tuesday night the water in the roadway got so deep, some drivers had to swim their way out.

As a result, the city coned the stretch of Chavez off on Wednesday, KRON4's Stanley Roberts reports, but even if you weren't sure what the (admittedly scanty) barriers were for, there's the quite obviously VERY DEEP WATER in your path to convince you not to drive into it, right?

Not the guy from the video below! He admits to Roberts that he ignored the barriers, thinking that "if he drove really fast, he thought he could make it." Instead, he got stuck in what looks like over two feet of water, which poured out of his brand new (dealer plates!) Toyota SUV when he was towed to dry land.

Let's ponder, for the moment, the quality of 101 runoff/Caesar Chavez standing water. Yummy!

Anyway, our fearless Toyota submerger wasn't the only one who plunged into the depths between 101, even though they were driving in broad daylight and presumably could see what they were diving into. Roberts actually caught quite a few on tape! I just don't know, you guys.

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