Nearly two weeks after window washer Pedro Perez fell from an 11 story building onto a car in the Financial District, family members say he's making a slow but steady recovery. Even slower, however, has been the response from the union to which Perez belongs, which didn't reach out to help him until, oddly enough, broadcast television cameras were present.

It was Friday, November 21 at around 10:03 when the 58-year-old San Leandro man fell from the Sterling Bank & Trust building at California and Montgomery Streets while on the window washing job. He landed on a passing Toyota Camry, crushing in the roof but, astoundingly, leaving the car's driver uninjured.

Financial District passers-by rushed to his aid, and he was taken to San Francisco General Hospital's Intensive Care Unit, where he remains to this day.

Perez's daughter spoke with ABC7, telling them that her dad was a 15-year veteran of the window washing business, making his 11-story fall even more surprising to her.

She also says that in the confusion following his fall, a co-worker actually called his family and told them Perez was dead. It wasn't until a call from SF General over an hour later that they learned that he was still alive, suffering from a shattered pelvis, a broken arm, and and internal bleeding.

Amazingly, his daughter says, he suffered "no major head injury," and his back and legs were unbroken even after the fall. He's now breathing on his own, and is trying to speak, his daughter says.

However, his road to recovery is still a long one, and he was working to support a wife and three daughters. That's what has made the silence from his union, SEIU United Service Workers West, all the more frustrating, his family says. According to them, they haven't heard been able to get a response from his union, which says on its website that it exists to "provide live support and assistance to SEIU USWW members via the telephone, and to help build a stronger union by providing members with the tools and information needed to win at their worksite."

In what has to be a coincidence, however, the union finally called Perez's family back on Wednesday to offer their assistance...just as ABC7's cameras were there to capture the moment. Odd, that.

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