A giant inflatable Frosty the Snowman in a Pleasanton Christmas tree lot will soon melt into memory. The 30-foot icon was removed today following a citation from a city official, and the story has been greeted by many seasonal jokes and Santa laughs.

The Chronicle explains that the owner of the lot, Johnny Moore, moved his operation to a new location after 25 years with the inflatable ornament on Pleasanton's fairgrounds. Now Moore is off of Stanley Boulevard near Bernal Avenue, and with the new location came the call to tear Frosty down.

Today Moore did just that, claiming the move is temporary and was due to wind and weather rather than the citation. But according to the Chronicle, a city spokesperson cited a law that states “Under no circumstances shall a large hot/cold-air balloon be displayed by an individual business.” It is sort of appropriate that, in the song, Frosty runs afoul of a traffic cop and is forced to leave town. But the law sounds clear, and I wouldn't hold my breath for Frosty's return.