It's understandable if you expect the second line of the below video to be "we're not porn stars any more" (I certainly did), but you'd be mistaken. These women are all still porn stars, and they're not selling a mis-pronounced luxury brand, they're explaining the important concept of net neutrality.

Now that the White House has voiced support for net neutrality , what was once an argument over a proposal to allow ISPs to slow down, block, or prioritize content has gotten party-line politicized, spawning things like this weird, misleading video.

Perhaps as a response, Funny or Die has released this piece, in which pornographic actresses Alex Chance, Mercedes Carrera and Nadia Styles explain, in terms relevant to their profession, what it would mean if the FCC passes the compromised neutrality rules they're presently considering.

According to Chance, the net as it stands now is “a giant sex party where everyone gets to have sex with anyone they want,” but Carrera argues that, “Without net neutrality, that sex party is only for rich people.”

“Without net neutrality, Internet service providers could create special fast lanes for content providers willing to pay more,” Carrera says.

Cut to Chance, who intones “That means slow streaming, slow social networking, and yes... slow porn.”