According to the National Weather Service, we should all expect dangerous conditions at Bay Area beaches today and tomorrow — even those of us who are just walking along in the sand.

The NWS says that Typhoon Nuri, which has been beating the crap out of the western Pacific and Bering Sea, has sent "powerful swells" toward California and inspired the Service to call for a Beach Hazard Warning.

"A STORM IN THE BERING SEA GENERATED A LONG PERIOD SWELL WHICH HAS NOW ENTERED THE COASTAL WATERS. THESE FORERUNNER WAVES WILL CONTINUE TO IMPACT BAY AREA BEACHES THROUGH THURSDAY," the NWS shouted today. That means beaches from Sonoma County through Monterey County are in for worse-than-usual sneaker waves and rip currents through Thursday afternoon.

The NWS says that north and northwest-facing beaches like Ocean Beach will be especially hazardous, and will be prone to waves double or more the normal wave height that could rips beachgoers off jetties, rocks, or even the shoreline.

"Conditions are present to support a heightened risk of unsuspecting beach goers being swept into the sea by a wave," The NWS says.

"People walking along the beach should never turn their back to the sea. Fishermen should avoid fishing from rocks or jetties."