The saga of Evil Elmo, a.k.a. aggressive panhandler Adam Sandler, continues as the Chron's mustache twins report that he's landed in the clink once again. This time he faces the serious charge of making a criminal threat, in addition to facing citations from his last outbursts in August, like when he made that little girl cry and someone got it on video.

Through the journalistic efforts of KRON 4's Stanley Roberts we've come to understand that Sandler is just a slightly crazy, basically homeless person who can't contain his temper — or his racist and anti-semitic rants — when in public sometimes. Most of the time he's just taking pictures with tourists and then demanding money from them, but occasionally he goes off the rails like he did a couple of times in New York City back in 2012, prompting his move west.

He's been here for two years now without any serious incident, but merchants at Fisherman's Wharf have steadily lodged complaints about his presence, and took to posting signs outside their stores making sure tourists knew that he wasn't affiliated with them in any way.

Then, the other day, as Matier & Ross report...

Sandler apparently got ticked off — and when he ran across a food merchant the other day, he allegedly demanded she remove the anti-Elmo sign from her window.

When she refused, according to district attorney’s spokesman Alex Bastian, Sandler let her have it with a stream of expletives and yelled, “I’m going to rip your throat out!”

The cops showed, slapped the cuffs on Elmo and arrested him for allegedly making a criminal threat. They also booked him on a series of misdemeanor counts dating back to August.

This of course seems inevitable, but it's the first time we're aware of that Sandler let loose with a direct threat, as opposed to just a string of expletives and racial epithets — because, you see, he has cast himself as the victim in an ongoing plight just to make a living doing his Elmo bit. And living out of his van.

Cue his next move to a new town. I hear San Diego is nice this time of year.