A dead body found floating in the SF Bay near Alcatraz is believed to be the remains of Dan Ha, a San Francisco man who'd been the subject of a large-scale search following his disappearance on Halloween.

The body was sighted at 7:33 a.m. Tuesday by the captain of a ferry headed from Sausalito to the Ferry Building. San Francisco Fire Department and Coast Guard crews recovered the body and brought it onto an SFFD fireboat.

In a brief press conference held this afternoon, Joseph Ha, Dan's brother, said that though the deceased's face was "indistinguishable," clothing and identification found on the body indicated that it was indeed Ha. Here's the video from the statement made to media:

"In speaking with the medical examiner, while the face and body were indistinguishable, the clothes, wallet contents, and phone matched Dan’s personal belongings. At this time, we believe the body is Dan’s," Joseph Ha said.

"We are still waiting to hear from SFPD for a full confirmation. We have no reason to believe that this was a suicide. Dan has never indicated having any intention of harming himself. Dan did not leave a note, had scheduled a doctor’s appointment the morning of his disappearance, and was scheduled to attend a work event the next day. On his desk was even a note to return a shirt he had recently purchased."

Friends of Ha's had been frantically searching for the missing man since his disappearance on Halloween, launching a website, blanketing social media and working to track down surveillance video that might indicate where Ha might have gone.

According to FindDanHa.com, Ha was born in Abbotsford, British Columbia and was the second of four children. He graduated from Stanford University in 2010 with a degree in Computer Science, and was employed as an iOS developer developer at SF company Metromile.

A memorial service for Ha will be held Friday at 7:30 p.m. at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church (3281 16th Street at Dolores Streets). A fund has also been set up for his family, to help offset expenses related to his search. You can donate to it here.