Hammering home Lyft's reputation for friendliness, a driver for the rideshare company sprang from his Lyftmobile to thwart the robbery of a 67-year-old woman by four teenage girls, as CBS 5 is reporting.

The group of suspects got out of a double-parked car in the area of Union and Taylor Streets around 10:30 Thursday morning and attempted to steal the victim's purse, a witness told police. That's when Good Samaritan Lyft driver Drew Gage heard a scream and came to the victim's aid.

β€œIt was a blood curdling sound and it stopped me in my tracks. I looked and I saw all four girls sprinting down the block holding her bag,” Gage said to KPIX 5.

Back at the girls' car, which turns out to also have been stolen, one suspect claimed to have a gun. The girls drove off, but not before Gage was able to retrieve the bag.

Lyft would probably like to capitalize on the positive press, which could serve as powerful ammunition in the raging rideshare wars. After all, it's more often that we hear about drivers as the alleged perps in crimes sordid enough to inspire references to Taxi Driver.

Consider the accusations that an UberX driver attacked a passenger with a hammer during a September ride in San Francisco, or the more recent allegations that another driver for UberX dragged a woman from his car and smashed her phone.

Just this week, TechCrunch had reports that a former Lyft COO may have stolen confidential documents from the company before defecting to Uber. At least, that's what Lyft is claiming in a complaint filed in SF Superior Court yesterday.

Suffice it to say that Lyft needs a hero as much as Gotham.

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