This post is brought to you by the Campaign for Nick Josefowitz.

We all want BART to run after midnight. And we've wanted it for a long time. Nick Josefowitz, who's on the ballot this November running for BART Director, has committed to deliver late night BART.

For Nick, late night BART is not just about going out to hang in Lake Merritt until late, or catching a show at the Fox. Although, it would be great to be able to to do these things without having to wait for hours for a night bus, or take out a second mortgage to cover Uber's surge pricing.

Nick's concerned about all the folks who have been priced out of the city and forced to move to the East Bay, the folks who are struggling to retain their connections with the communities they left behind. "We shouldn't be shutting down BART at midnight and making it tougher for those folks to stay connected to their families and their friends," Nick said.

For Nick, late night transportation is also about the workers at restaurants, hotels, or hospitals who have shifts that end late at night. BART should stay open for them, as well. It's not only the right thing to do, it also allows the businesses they are a part of to thrive. Without late night BART, San Francisco will increasingly become a city that shuts down at 10:30pm, even on weekends.

Late night BART is possible. Washington, DC's Metro, which is a very similar system to BART, runs until 3am on weekends. Boston and Philadelphia are both testing 24 hour subway service. New York, of course, has a subway system that never sleeps. The current BART Director, Republican James Fang, has been on the BART Board for 24 years. In those 24 years, he has not moved a finger for late night BART. He has had his chance.

If you want late night BART, this election is your chance to make your voice heard. Vote for Nick Josefowitz, the Clean Energy guy running for BART Director.