Just when we thought we had, as a city, reached peak food-truck-park saturation, plans have emerged for yet another food truck park, this one in the Mission on an empty lot where Valencia meets Cesar Chavez.

As Socketsite reports, it's supposed to be called Valencia Food Truck Park, and could accommodate up to seven trucks at a time. Also, it sits at the intersection of two bike routes, so there's that too.

Currently, as Eater notes, Tacos El Paisano has a cart at this same spot. But plans include repaving the whole thing and building a restroom structure, so the cart may have to move.

This news comes barely a month after we learned of another food truck park, the Duboce Truck Stop, headed for 55 Duboce.

Maybe, someday, we will look back on these food-truck-crazed times and laugh and laugh. Until then, enjoy that kimchi burrito.