Well, so much for the San Francisco Police Department's plan to keep folks from rioting if the Giants win the World Series. A huge part of it just got shattered with a press release from Mayor Ed Lee's office announcing that, despite SFPD's expectations to the contrary, the city will once again host a jumbotron viewing party "for families and fans to gather and cheer the San Francisco Giants onto a potential World Championship against the Kansas City Royals" in Civic Center Tuesday night.

As we're sure you recall, a similar viewing party in 2012 "became a starting point for thousands of people to start roaming," and was cited by police officials more than once as a point of origination for ruffians that did terrible things like torch a bus on Polk Street.

In fact, Deputy Police Chief Lyn Tomioka suggested to KTVU last week that the party was unlikely to take place this year.

"The mayor wants the city to stay intact and we have learned from the past," SFPD's Tamioka told KTVU. But apparently, Lee's office believes that the issues of years past can be avoided by simply asking folks not to drink at the event.

"In keeping with the event focus on families, alcohol will not be sold or permitted on Civic Center Plaza during the broadcast," Lee's office writes. "San Francisco Police and Recreation and Park Departments will be on hand to monitor and enforce a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and other controlled substances in Civic Center Plaza."

"Mayor Lee and the San Francisco Giants joined Mayor James and the Kansas City Royals to urge all fans to treat each other with respect. Wherever fans choose to watch the game — at Civic Center or at their favorite local neighborhood bar or restaurant — be safe and practice good sportsmanship. In the end, the World Series celebrates the game of baseball, and rivalries should remain on the field."

Well, that should certainly do the trick.

Tuesday's game begins at 5:07 p.m., but Lee's office says that "those attending the broadcast are encouraged to come early to secure a spot." Good luck hiding your 40s, everyone.

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