I think we all knew going into Sunday night's game against the Denver Broncos that the 49ers were going to struggle. Probably, we’d resigned ourselves to a loss, even though that wasn’t something we were willing to admit aloud. After all, Denver is one of the best (THE best?) teams in the NFL. And they have stupid Peyton Manning who’s, like, really good at throwing the football and stuff.

Still… as much as we knew we were the underdogs… as much as we’d prepared for things to not go our way… I don’t think any 49ers fan was expecting the total rout that was the 42-17 loss.

At some point during a beat down like that, you just go numb. You sit there and you wonder where it all went wrong as the other team continues to drive the score up higher and higher until there’s no way in hell you’ll ever catch up. And for most of you, that’s the point at which you turn off the TV, or leave the bar. You go back to your regular scheduled life and you’re bummed, sure, but hey, you kind of expected it, right? And you have other things, probably. Like a family. Or a dog. Or at the very least that book you’ve been dying to get back to all weekend.

And then there’s me. The girl who sits in the bar well after everyone else has trickled out. I don’t emote. I don’t move. I just ponder where it all went wrong. At one point, I’ll likely talk about giving up football forever. (“I’m going to hire a hypnotist!” I declared during the fourth quarter. “And she will make me not even CARE about this game.” And then a moment of panic. “Ohmygod, what if I actually DIDN’T care about football?!” Shortly thereafter I decided I would move to a remote island that was so magical and amazing, I wouldn’t even remember the NFL was a thing.) But ultimately, when the clock finally winds down, I slink out of the bar, crawl into my bed, and know that it doesn’t matter what I say or how I feel, I’ll be ready to do it all over again in just a few days.

Luckily for the 49ers, who looked beaten up and just completely pathetic last night, they have more than a few days thanks to next weekend’s bye.

Where did it all go wrong? Frankly, we don’t have enough time.

So, in short: EVERYWHERE.

The 49ers defense was crippled. Patrick Willis, Chris Culliver, Jimmie Ward, NaVorro Bowman, and Aldon Smith were all out. Then Chris Cook left the game with a hamstring injury. I mean, I feel like I probably could have thrown four touchdowns in that situation. It’s almost unfair. Of course, I wasn’t the opposing QB. Peyton Manning was and thanks to our nonexistent D, he was able to complete 22 of 26 passes for 318 yards and four TDs. Oh, and that’s all before he left the game after three quarters.

It’s not all on our defense though. The Niners offense also looked terrible, notably the four dropped passes, one of which should have been an Anquan Boldin touchdown, and the Colin Kaepernick interception. Also, where was our run game? Still napping at the hotel? (62 yards total.) The offensive line also looked terrible, giving up six sacks. SIX. Sorry people, but you don’t win games with four dropped passes and six sacks on your QB. (Important to note that center Daniel Kilgore suffered a broken ankle in the third quarter which will likely take him out for the rest of the season, but although that injury is a huge bummer, the O-line was sucking well before that happened.)

All-in-all, it was just a complete embarrassment. The 49ers didn’t look like they even belonged in the same league as the Broncos. In fact, by the time the fourth quarter came around (seriously, did that game go on FOREVER or what?), it just seemed like the nicer, safer thing to do would be to stop playing and send everyone home before anyone else got hurt. I don’t know how y’all were raised, but where I come from, you don’t let a dying animal suffer. You put a bullet in his head and end his misery.

The good news is that the Niners have the bye coming up. (So glad we didn’t have an early bye week like everyone else in our division). They need this time to rest and get healthy.

The other good news is that Seattle lost to the Rams yesterday in a game that was soooooo fun to watch. Rams special teams killed it.

The bad news is that Arizona is crushing it. (I was at a friend’s house during that game yesterday and the dumb boys had golf on. I asked if we could turn to the game and this Denver fan girl was like, “Um, you’re a NINERS fan. It’s the RAIDERS game.” And suddenly I found myself explaining how football works to a girl who has a Denver tattoo on her body, which just made me sad.) Still: Even though Arizona is 5-1, they actually have some tough games ahead of them so this is truly anyone’s division to win.

TL;DR? The Niners sucked ass. Denver looked amazing. Oh, and Peyton Manning broke some stupid Brett Favre touchdown record or whatever. I know, I know. Bitterness isn’t a good look, but I live in SF. We don’t care about appearances here.

Go Giants.