Yesterday, the New York Times, which is a newspaper based in New York City (get a rope), wrote an article about Tuesday night's San Francisco Giants game.

As one might expect, the Times columnist took his papers' usual stance regarding San Francisco: that we sure are a wacky bunch. See this descriptive graf regarding Tuesday night's game.

Some readers have suggested I am stereotyping West Coast fans. By way of reply, I note that the Giants on Tuesday night offered up a “rally seal”: a Photoshopped furry white seal wearing a black-and-orange Giants cap and chanting, “We will, we will, rock you!” ...

The weather was Technicolor absurd, offering a full moon set against a pale blue sky. A drag queen from the musical revue “Beach Blanket Babylon” sang “God Bless America” with a giant hat depicting the skyline of San Francisco perched atop her head. I awaited only the medical marijuana sea gulls to make the evening complete.

It was the latter paragraph that inspired one of the more amusing corrections I've seen appended to a Times column:

An earlier version of this column, using information from the San Francisco Giants, described incorrectly the cast member of “Beach Blanket Babylon” who sang “God Bless America” at Tuesday’s game while wearing a giant hat depicting the San Francisco skyline. She is a performer from the show, not a drag queen from the show.

To be fair, the Times was not the only publication that borked this, as the Washington Post, in their difficult to parse liveblog of the game, said

What's the deal with the 'God Bless America' singer?

On Monday, the Giants trotted out Bay Area musical icon Tony Bennett to sing “God Bless America” during the seventh-inning stretch. On Tuesday, fans were treated to another iconic Bay Area performer, but one that only confused the rest of the country.

A cast member from “Beach Blanket Babylon” handled the honors for Game 4, and suffice it to say that not everyone understood what was going on.

They then embedded this tweet:

And ended by saying:

“Beach Blanket Babylon” is a musical revue that has been continously running in San Francisco since 1974; in fact, it is the longest-running such production in the U.S. It features songs that spoof current events, but the show’s real trademark are the huge, over-the-top ornaments/wigs many performers, often drag queens wear on their heads.

A BBB insider who spoke to SFist was perplexed by the references to drag queens, saying that men dressed in drag aren't on the BBB stage "unless it was a special occasion. But it wouldn't even be drag queens then. I'd be like, a guy as J-Lo for two seconds."

It must be hard to be from one of these dreary East Coast cities, where a woman in a fabulous dress and a kicky hat is so confusing that one must assume that she is a man! What kind of life is that?

To be fair, the Times correction did say that they were "using information from the San Francisco Giants," which is typically journalist-speak for "don't blame us, they told us the wrong stuff!" Did the drag queen call actually come from inside the SF Giants' house? A call from SFist to their spokesperson has not been returned at publication time.