As previously noted, the Blue Angels are back in the Bay Area, all set to do their Fleet Week Air Show thing this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Though "admission to" the air show is $50-60 bucks, it's not like the event is only visible from a ticketed Marina Green seat. San Franciscans who enjoy such things (yes, we know, not everyone does) have their secret — and not so secret — spots from which to watch the show, free of charge.

One such place, writes San Francisco Art Institute spokesperson Michael Radlick, is the Institute's roof deck. He says:

San Francisco Art Institute is a tucked away treasure with a huge drenched-in-sun roof deck that overlooks the bay from its perch in North Beach. The campus is free to enter and open to the public, and you might even see some fantastic art. There’s even a small café where revelers can grab a snack or a drink throughout the weekend!

Radlick says the roof deck, which is officially named the"Doris and Harold L. Zellerbach Quadrangle," and is known to students as the "Zellerbach Quad," will be open all weekend. And don't feel like you have to rely on the SFAI's café: when asked, Radlick said that roof deck Fleet Weekers "are welcome to bring snacks, picnics, etc."

The air show runs from 12:30-4 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with the Blue Angels making their appearance from 3-4 p.m. each day. The SFAI is located at 800 Chestnut Street (between Jones and Leavenworth Streets).

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