Following on those angry/funny signs posted on the door of SO in SoMa by that restaurant's disgruntled, MSG-using chef, SF's Mission Chinese Food has decided to come out of the MSG closet too. On Friday, MCF tweeted out the above photo saying, "Authenticity option now available," and throwing an "@davidchang" in there for good measure. (Chang has famously said that MSG fears are baloney, and pointed out how much naturally occurring MSG there is in all kinds of foods like tomatoes and anchovies.)

Gawker caught the tweet, dubbing MSG the "cocaine of the food world" and suggesting that this is now the latest "artisan food trend sweeping San Francisco."

Does this mean more MSG-loving chefs are going to jump on this bandwagon and start bragging about all their hyper-umami, glutamically enhanced dishes?

Only time will tell. In the meantime, get some education about this long popular component of Chinese cuisine via Chef Chang.