Anyone who's been to Castro Street Fair in recent years knows that there are always at least two booths there devoted to denouncing circumcision and celebrating "foreskin pride" and foreskin mutilation awareness. Well, they're back!

But this time, it will be artistic.

Per an email to SFist from Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project founder Glen Callender, "I am returning to the Castro Street Fair on Sunday with a live foreskin painting exhibition!"

Yes, there will be foreskin painting, and Callender's "masterpieces" will be available for purchase.


“San Franciscans know that foreskin is valuable, they know that forcing circumcision upon a child is a serious human-rights violation — and after they see my foreskin apply paint to canvas like a little Michelangelo perched on the end of my penis, they will come to appreciate the fantastic foreskin on a whole new level."

Below you can see an NSFW video of Callender doing his thing at Vancouver Pride two years ago, just to give you an idea.

Castro Street Fair goes from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, throughout the Castro.

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