Another unconsidered consequence of our intractable drought: smaller pumpkins! As CBS 5 reports, local farmers are reporting a shortage of medium- and large-format pumpkins as a result of there being less water to go around, and more water-efficient irrigation methods.

This also will likely mean that big honking pumpkins are going to be in high demand and will command a premium at local stores.

J.E. Perry Farms, an organic pumpkin farm in Fremont, says that a new drip-irrigation system is using 60 percent less water than their former sprinklers, but it's resulted in tinier pumpkins. Also, as farmers on the Peninsula have reported, the drought has given them problems with squash bugs as well.

If you're planning on making a special trip — further than a stroll to Safeway/WholeFoods/Bi-Rite — for your pumpkin-selecting, you can check out this list of seven other local pumpkin patches, via 7x7.

In other news, as you head south to buy your pumpkins, you may notice the distinct aroma of rotting fish in the vicinity of Los Gatos. That's because another consequence of the drought has been a great fish die-off in Vasona Lake. The cause: higher water temperatures and an algae bloom that sucked a lot of oxygen out of the water, as ABC 7 reports. Also, lots more coyotes are showing up to drink from the lake because other water sources have dried up.