One of SFist's favorite local characters, nudism activist Gypsy Taub, announces today that on Saturday, October 4, a round of "nude Olympics" will be held at Baker Beach, starting promptly at noon ("registration" at 11). The games are being held in symbolic protest over the harassment and arrest of nudists who were arrested earlier this year in a National Park in Malaysia after participating in something called the “Malaysia Nudist Sports Games 2014.” As Taub tells us, there were 18 participants, and "Most of the attendees were from Malaysia, but included visitors from Singapore, Myanmar, India, and the Philippines."

After video of these games was posted in August, five participants ended up getting arrested and sentenced to 30 days in prison plus a fine. Says Taub, "The videographer got six months for 'distribution and possession of pornographic material.'"

Now, in an effort to bring attention to such harassment and wrongful imprisonment, local nudists are gathering to reenact some nude Olympics they held at Baker Beach six years ago, in 2008, NSFW video of which you can see below.

Join them on Saturday if you wish to have some naked fun or see a lot of saggy dangly things. We're told to "look for Olympic torch and flame" and games will include a 50-meter "crab walk" race, sumo wrestling, and javelin throwing.