"A well-organized squatting operation" has been cleared from a building on a popular stretch of Fulton Street, just across from the Lucky Supermarket at Fulton Street and Masonic Avenue.

According to the San Francisco Police Department, they received a report of squatters living illegally in a building on the 1700 block of Fulton Street. When they arrived at about 1:50 p.m. on Saturday, they discovered 16 people housed in the previously vacant structure, all of whom were asked to leave.

In ABC7's report on the incident, the building in question is clearly visible: it's a six-unit structure at 1753 Fulton Street, which was, per Zillow, purchased in January of this year for $2,610,000.

According to ABC7, the building had stood vacant for about six months while its new owner mulled some planned renovations (Hoodline reports that no building permits have been filed for the building as yet, so that must be some serious mulling). The squatters are believed to have moved in on September 1, apparently with the plan to invoke some sort of squatters' rights plan to take over the six two bedroom, one bath apartments, all of which still had power and running water.

"The idea was to fix the place up, put things in our name, and see how it went, " squatter Norm Clegg told ABC7.

Instead, the squatters must now seek other accommodations, after an eviction that left even jaded SFPD officers surprised.

"I haven't seen anything this big, only because buildings this size are not left vacant for this long," SFPD Sergeant Paul Weggenmann told ABC7.

The owner of the building won't be filing trespassing charges, SFPD says, but one of the building's illicit residents was arrested on a warrant unrelated to the squatting case.