Somebody sent KRON 4 some cell phone video of Bo Mounsombath turning the corner off of Oak onto Octavia with a parking control officer clinging to the hood of her car on the morning of September 18th. As reported earlier, Mounsombath drove 12 blocks with the unidentified officer on her car in an altercation that no one still completely understands, but which may have begun with the officer sexually harassing her, as Mounsombath claims. She says she fled out of fear, not out of some crazy desire to kill a meter maid.

Also, commenters on Hoodline have suggested that this particular PCO is "notorious" and "incredibly aggressive" and witnesses say that Mounsombath stopped multiple times and even got out of her car, and the guy refused to get off her car.

Mounsombath was arrested for arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor hit and run, but the DA's office has said they are also investigating the claims made against the officer.

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