Your rain dances have finally done some good. A little good, anyway. Here in San Francisco we got six-tenths of an inch of rain last night, which was more than most of the Bay Area, where about a tenth or a third of an inch was more typical according to the weather service. And as it tapers off this morning you can at least not fill those watering cans or turn on those sprinklers for a few days, which will help with the ongoing drought.

No, this was no significant fix — and, in fact, grape growers up north are flipping out a bit because rain isn't supposed to show up this early, harvest isn't complete yet, and too much wetness can mean grapes rotting on the vine before they're ripe.

And this will be it for moisture for a while, with AccuWeather showing a slight warming trend through the weekend, with highs of 70 that become highs in the 80s by late next week with full sun — exactly what we should expect for the first week of October, even if more rain would be better for everyone.

It's time to start planning those beach days and drives up the coast. We'll worry about the drought next month.