Today in health-department closures you might want to take note of: The downtown location of Mel's Drive-In (801 Mission, in the 5th and Mission garage building, near the Metreon and Bloomingdale's) reopened Wednesday after a brief health-department shutdown. Mel's was found to have a cockroach situation — an infestation of both cockroaches and nymphs, which are baby cockroaches — as well as having food stored above regulation temperatures, as SFGate reports.

The oddest thing in the SFGate report is how they characterize Mel's itself as "long a mecca for tourists looking for that authentic San Francisco chain restaurant experience." Do tourists come looking for such an experience, or do they just end up there because it's there, it looks like every other diner, it serves burgers and milkshakes, and they're tired of walking? A mecca it is not. I digress.

In any event, no other Mel's locations have been implicated, and that location is back open after a re-inspection, and some presumed roach abatement.

Enjoy that cheesecake!