This stray male border collie mix found by a rural California road is a pretty typical dog: He's a great snuggler, a total couch hog, and a bit of a mischief maker. And, oh yeah, he appears to have two noses.

This stray dog, ABC30 first reported, was found in Tulare County, which is between Bakersfield and Fresno.

And now he's at the Tulare County Animal Control shelter, where, staffer Paula Mendoza says, he's being affectionate to "everyone," playing fetch, and making friends with other dogs. But what's the deal with his nose(s)?

"He was probably born that way," Mendoza says, and a vet consulted by SFist concurs, saying that the dog likely has the canine version of a cleft palate, and that during his development, his nostrils failed to fuse.

"That means his nostrils seem to sniff independently, which makes him look like he has two noses," the vet said.

The dog, who was not microchipped, isn't available for adoption quite yet, Mendoza says, as there's still a possibility that he's just lost, and that his guardians are still looking for him. However, she urges anyone who's interested to check back with them on Monday (their list of adoptable pets is here). Who knows, the two nosed dog could soon be yours!

But you might have to get in line: according to the Tulare County Animal Control employee I spoke with when I first called their shelter, the phone has been ringing off the hook with people eager to learn when this dog might be available for adoption. (That certainly makes this pup's situation different from that of Snuffles, the Scottish Belgian Shepherd with a similar condition, who was "was struggling to find a new home because of his rare defect.")

"I tell them we have a lot of other great dogs that are just like him, except they only have one nose,"