Tech people: they're just like you and me. They see the world in ones and zeroes, they abhor a misplaced semicolon — and they hate it when San Francisco's bureaucracy makes it difficult for them to secure a parking pass for their children's nanny.

Former Twitter engineer Luke Andrews took to Twitter today to lament his station in life, an existence where the person who minds his children must park like the rest of us peons, sans special permit.

This was news to us as well, beginning with the existence of a special annual permit for nannies. It turns out not every block in San Francisco is eligible to have special nanny-permit parking, which costs $110 annually. In fact, only several hundred are, mostly in less-dense places away from commercial corridors and the city core.

Luckily, the nanny-parking dilemma is subject to the democratic process. If your block is not eligible for childcare worker parking, all is not lost, provided you can convince your neighbors to let your children's keeper park on your block and have them put it in writing.

This would require you meet your neighbors, but we digress. There must be an app for this.