As you already know, last night the SF Giants lost to the evil LA Dodgers. Giants fans shouldn't give up yet — though we're still 4.5 games behind the bums, we are playing them again tonight at 7:10 p.m., and wild-card hopes remain* — but two mixed-affiliation fans appear to be doing the best they can to diffuse a very tense situation. posted this little bit of video of, they say "a Dodgers fan and Giants fan pour beer on each other for a unique moment during the Kiss Cam segment at Dodger Stadium."

As you can see in the video below, the woman, who is clearly a Giants fan based on her cap and abbreviated team-logo shirt, first notices that she and her LA-behatted-seatmate are features on the Dodgers' "Kiss Cam." But as opposed to locking lips, the two douse one another with nearly-full beers (which likely ran them between $13-$15 bucks per "glass").

Yahoo Sports dons neither a Giants nor a Dodgers cap regarding the incident. Theirs is more a shade of tinfoil, as they ask:

Is it too cynical to think it's fishy they both happened to have full cups of beer when the "kiss cam" came around? just seems like they were too prepared for the moment, as if the Dodgers gave them a head's up. Is this another scandal like the White Sox throwing the 1919 World Series? Or even like the guys from 'Quiz Show' giving Ralph Fiennes the answers? Not certainly. It just makes you go, 'Hmmm.'

I'm more inclined to go "Occam's Razor," or "At least they're not these Niners fans."

But you know what did make me go "Hmmm"? This piece from CNN's John Sutter, who argues that if the oft-heterosexist and male-trope-enforcing kiss cam is "going to stick around at all, (it) has to adapt and should include everyone: gay, straight, of every race and class." After mulling Sutter's take on the institution, these folks' reaction when on camera might seem downright subversive! Good for them.

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