ABC7 alerts us to the fact that the Zuckerberg renovation disruption we told you about yesterday is one of NINE residential construction projects going on in the Facebook founder's Dolores Heights neighborhood, which has since become thick with journalists because anything that mentions Facebook is pure media gold.

"I don't think you can blame a person," one resident told ABC7. "I think the reality is now San Francisco has become very desirable."

But we WANT to blame Mark Zuckerberg! It's fun because he's rich and we're jealous.

Zuck's renovations to his $10 million nerd palace has been in recent news because of the noise it creates and space it sucks, which is pissing off the neighbors. SFist contributor Cedric Westphal lives in the area, and finds that all of the attention is compounding the neighbors' problem.

"Some big ass TV van (it looks like, in service of this NBC Bay Area report) is idling, rumbling for hours on end until 11:15 p.m., keeping the whole area awake. And the TV crew is keeping everyone up to denounce Zuck's inconsiderate behavior. Oh, the irony."

Ced makes an excellent point. The media is reporting on loud noise and space-suckers by making loud noise and taking up parking spaces.

Although I've got to wonder; since when does the Mission go to sleep before 11:15 p.m.? Isn't this the real problem with gentrification? We can't even report on it because someone wearing a SUITSY needs to listen to his sounds of the ocean app before catching the Google bus at 6 a.m.?