In May, Eater brought us news of an exclusive private San Francisco brunch club, called BRVNCH (naturally). Members of the BRVNCH club (ugh) would pay $300 ($2500 for VIP) to eat brunch and drink champagne, provided they passed the application process.

According to Eater, BRVNCH isn't chef-driven but rather focused on "San Francisco's elite party crowd." San Francisco's elite party crowd, by the way, typically comes to San Francisco from Walnut Creek in white 2009 BMWs.

The first BRVNCH was supposed to be in June. Here is the Eventbrite listing. None of this ever came to fruition, shockingly enough.

But now, the BRVNCH folks claim to be launching BRVNCH this coming Saturday at Wingtip, a retail store and old school club for people who wouldn't be able to get into the Bohemian Club if they'd ever heard of it in the first place. The San Francisco Business Times got in touch with Wingtip to confirm BRVNCH and, to their immense credit, Wingtip was like, "This is news to us."

"There are no plans for an event at Wingtip. No date, no details, no deposit. The first anyone within Wingtip has even heard of what the event would be is from the Business Times," Wingtip's owner told the Business Times.

BRVNCH folks, meanwhile, are like, "Don't worry about it, bro!" and claim ticket prices will only be $50 (not $300-$2,500), and that 20% of the proceeds will benefit charity.

Basically, BRVNCH told the SF Business Times to expect brvnch at Wingtip, and Wingtip shot this down like a cougar at Eastside West shooting the side-eye to a short guy in a striped polo shirt.

If you'd like to bridge and tunnel yourself to attend one of BRVNCH's exclusive San Francisco brvnchs, assuming that one ever really happens, you can get in contact with them here. Otherwise, check out SFist's Top 10 Brunches in SF. All of them cost less than $2,500.

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