Everyone's favorite entertainment venue, Los Gatos-based, Netflix has created an interactive site developed around famous movie and television spoilers. "Spoil Yourself" is a series of 5-second or so clips of famous endings, like the last moments of "Usual Suspects" or the (highly shocking) end to Season 1 of "House of Cards."

One can send "Sorry I spoiled it for you" cards via Netflix, which is the world's most specific e-card ever. And users can even vote for which spoilers deserve inclusion on the site, or if it's too soon for a reveal. For example, we all know that Oz is just an old guy behind a curtain. But is it common knowledge that everyone starts dropping dead on "Downton Abbey"? You can decide!

Why is Netflix doing this? No idea, although it prompted my brother to instant message me with the link. Maybe Netflix's true purpose is to bring families together over the final scene from "Breaking Bad."

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