Norwegian architects Snøhetta, along with stadium architects Manica Architects,* went through a couple of iterations of a design for a stand-alone arena complex for the Warriors on Piers 30-32 last year. Of course the Warriors had to abandon that plan after pushback over their proposed condo towers across the street, and today we have new drawings of the reconfigured Warriors Arena as it will look in Mission Bay.

The design, as Socketsite shows us, is similarly rounded as the one before, but now is more oval in shape and has a little growth coming off one of side of it — a lot like the water tank on the back of a toilet.

The plan calls for a mix of office, retail, and entertainment space on the 12-acre site, including 90,000 square feet of retail along Terry Francois Boulevard and in a Market Hall at South Street. The 18,000-square-foot arena now has other buildings on several sides of it, but there are still three acres of plaza around the main building. One corner of the site will face the Bayfront Park that the Warriors are planing to build between the site and the water's edge.

A few more illustrations below.





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* This post has been corrected to show that while Snøhetta is on the design team as Senior Design Advisor, the Lead Architect of the arena is actually Manica Architects.