We learned just a couple weeks back that Tartine Bakery was opening a second location in Tokyo next year, and now baker Chad Robertson reveals in an interview with Grub Street that the operation is in an even greater expansion mode than anyone realized. Robertson says he's got "a team ready for London" and that they're "almost there" with that project, although something initially "didn't really pan out."

He says that other expansions of the brand are coming about, like London, because "I have a baker who's worked with me for years and wants to go [back home]." He has another baker who's looking to move back to L.A. and open a Tartine branch there, he says, and he's also considering a New York location though he doesn't "have that New York person yet" and "It doesn't work without that person."

In other news, Tartine's second S.F. location, which will double as a commissary/catering kitchen for Bar Tartine, is set to open at the Heath Ceramics building at 18th and Alabama sometime next year.

[Grub Street]