One day, I'll be able to brag that it was my generation that witnessed the invention of online dating, and I'll tell my grandkids that I met their grandfather on Happn.

As single 20-somethings, we're lucky to get to witness all the crazy innovations in dating since we came of age. Happn, for instance, is an app that introduces you to the people you’ve crossed paths with. In other words, it could mean the end of Missed Connections.

I don't think my parents' generation could have dreamed of an app like this (or an app at all, to be honest). To think that on Happn, you can be notified of how many times you’ve crossed paths with someone, that you know right away they're from your area, that you can avoid rejection by moving the "asking out" to the app itself—it's a lot different from meeting someone at a party or through a friend-of-a-friend and hoping that somehow, some way, they're the one for you.

My grandkids will have never experienced a life without the internet, apps, or dating online, so the story of meeting my husband will be a good one.

I'll ask them to close their eyes and imagine a time when people frequented a monochrome, Internet Original called craigslist. They'd select their city, find a section called "Missed Connections" and sift through pages of spam and crazy people, hoping that the babe they exchanged glances with at the coffee shop has already posted about them.

Oh, coffee shops, rife with flirtation—not surprising that that's where I first saw my husband. He was walking out as I walked in, and he politely held the door for me. Even though we exchanged only a brief glance and a smile, I thought about him all afternoon. Oh, but that's right: I had just downloaded a new dating app that was made just for this situation.

Since Happn is hyper-local with real-time updates, I knew if this sexy coffee-drinking man was also a Happn user, I might actually be able to meet him. I knew I'd immediately recognize his bright blue eyes and those adorable dimples, and when I opened the app, there he was. Sure enough, the app had logged us crossing paths earlier that day, on the street where we met.

So thanks to that little introduction, we never had that missed connection. We met right away, dated, fell in love. I'd never met someone who got me like he did. He got my jokes, I loved his smile; my love for him is unconditional, as is mine for him. We married in June of last year, and I'll smile every time I tell our story for the rest of my life.

Happn is free, and available on both iPhone and Android.

This post is brought to you by Happn.