The Apple Watch, the company's first new product in four years and first move into the wearable tech space, is highly designed and has lots of bells and whistles.

As we reported via today's live blog, there are three options for casing materials (including "Sport" and the "Edition" version that's 18K gold), six different wristband types, and two "his or hers" sizes.

As widely predicted, it acts as a health and fitness device and has a wireless charger on the back. There's a touchscreen as well as a home button-esque function on the side of the watch. And there's GPS, Siri, and other iPhone capabilities — including the ability to make calls.

Oh, and it tells you what time it is.

It'll set you back $349 for the cheapest version and won't be out until "early next year."

At today's event, no one was allowed to touch the watches!

And already, Buzzfeed reports that left-handed people feel excluded from the design.

And the Onion had this hilarious quip:

So, are you gonna wait in line or stick with a Timex?