It appears that Financial District workers will soon have a new place to pick up stuff like eco-friendly cleaners, lip balm, and that pasta with the bunny on the box, as Target announced plans yesterday to open one of its new TargetExpress stores in the area.

As noted way back in June, the retail giant announced that the Bay Area would be the first place outside the company's home base of Minneapolis to get three of their smaller-format stores. In a press release sent Wednesday, the company confirmed two of those stores' locations, at the southwest corner of Bush and Sansome, next to Montgomery BART in San Francisco; and at the southeast corner of Shattuck Avenue and Allston Way in Berkeley, next to the Downtown Berkeley BART stop and close to the main entrance of UC, Berkeley.

Now, don't expect the massive splendor of the Colma Target, or even the compact efficiency of the Metreon CityTarget at either of these stores: TargetExpresses are tiny. While the average CityTarget is about 80,000 square feet, the Sansome one will clock in at 18,000, and the Berkeley location at a postcard-sized 12,000, Target says.

And don't expect the same selection of items you'd find from a Target in the suburbs, as, according to the company, "both TargetExpress locations will be customized to fit the individual needs of the surrounding neighborhoods."

The Financial District store, they say, "will feature a large grab-and-go area with sandwiches, salads, breakfast items like yogurt and mid-day snacks for busy commuters on the go. The store will also include a Starbucks and select items from Target's Made to Matter collection," a collection the retail company says is made up of "brands making things better for you, your family & the place we all call home." That's where the eco-cleaner, balm, and bunny macaroni comes in.

Moving past the marketingspeak, it sounds like SFist commenter culture_drone called it in his or her comment on the company's June announcement, saying that the Express stores' concept sounds like "a shot across the bow of Walgreen's and CVS," previously the only stores in the area offering a similar selection of goods.

Both the FiDi and Berkeley stores are expected to open in March, 2015. A third location, also expected to open in 2015, will "be announced in the coming months," the company says, but Target is reportedly shooting for the long-vacant Rite-Aid spot at 1830 Ocean Avenue, just blocks from the area's new Whole Foods.