He's back! He never actually went anywhere, but just like the sea lions who occasionally disappear from their favorite dock at Pier 39, Evil Elmo sometimes goes below the radar for a few months before once again attracting attention for his evil antics and harassing of tourists. This video just came in via the tipline, and it clearly shows him having one of his characteristic meltdowns, making a little girl cry, and screaming for someone to "call the f**king police."

It's unclear what transpired here, but in this video uploaded Sunday he seems to be calling the father in one passing family, who may or may not have asked to take a picture with him, a "liar," and he starts angrily screaming at the man as his family looks on, and tourists start to gawk and say he must be "on crack."

The last we heard from Evil Elmo a.k.a. the slightly touched gentleman known as both Adam Sandler and Dan Sandler, he was causing a stir out by Stern Grove and the Parkside Square Park, where KRON 4's Stanley Roberts managed to hunt him down.

As we've learned from similar previous incidents on Fisherman's Wharf, Sandler has a habit of getting angry with tourists who don't properly tip him after he poses for pictures with them or their children — and the tourists quickly learn that not everyone inside a fuzzy Sesame Street costume is, in fact, nice or friendly. Sandler has been repeatedly cited for aggressive panhandling for this behavior, and multiple merchants on the Wharf call him a "problem." When he spoke to Roberts in June he referred to "South Asians" and "Indians" who were trying to chase him off of the Wharf.

After creating a stir in Central Park and Times Square — getting arrested at least once and carted off in an ambulance after one particular anti-Semitic rant — Sandler relocated to San Francisco in 2012 and has been horrifying children ever since. He seems to make an okay living off of tips from tourists, but as Roberts saw, he may also be living out of his van.

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