The San Francisco Public Defender’s Office announced today that a Superior Court jury has found 25-year-old David Munoz Diaz — who stood accused of murdering a man he had a sexual encounter with in Buena Vista Park — guilty of involuntary manslaughter and three other charges.

According to the Public Defender’s Office press release, jurors deliberated six days before finding Diaz not guilty of first or second degree murder in the death of Freddy Canul-Arguello, whose partially burned body was found in Buena Vista Park on June 10, 2011. In addition to involuntary manslaughter, Diaz was found guilty of arson, mutilating human remains, and destroying evidence.

As SFist previously noted, the month-long trial was filled with salacious, kink-related evidence as the defense explained the practice of erotic asphyxiation and called a friend of Canul-Arguello's to testify that he had said he enjoyed being choked during sex. The press release further elaborates:

During the tryst, Diaz reluctantly agreed to choke Canul-Arguello, accidentally asphyxiating him. Frightened and distraught, Diaz placed a recycling bin near the body and lit the contents to signal for help. He then pulled a nearby fire alarm box and made several calls to 911.

Diaz, a restaurant worker, had no previous criminal history and the involuntary manslaughter charge carries a maximum penalty of four years.