A revival of Full House, starring John Stamos and maybe taking place in San Francisco (like the original 1987-1995 series), is reportedly being tossed around at Warner Brothers Television, as TV Guide reports. The popular sitcom, which was canceled almost twenty years ago, has been rumored to be a revival candidate before, and Stamos is leading the charge now since he apparently has an ownership stake in the original show.

Stamos hinted to Andy Cohen on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live last winter that he was "working on a twist on a sequel," and now some of the original cast and creative team have gotten on board, including original executive producer Bob Boyett and creator Jeff Franklin (who's doing the writing), Candace Cameron Bure (D.J.), Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie), Andrea Barber (Kimmy), Bob Saget (Danny), and Dave Coulier (Joey), but it's unclear how many of those cast members would be regular players, or just guest stars.

For obvious reasons, the Olsen Twins have better things to do.

Could this be the comeback vehicle that the 51-year-old Stamos needs so that he's not just sitting around his house posting bathroom selfies of his abs? Maybe it features a new "full house" of family members now that he's settled down and married? Maybe he's a single dad working in the tech industry and shaking his fist at passing tour buses outside his Alamo Square home, as real-life Alamo Square residents have been doing. The possibilities are many.

As you may recall, Stamos, Coulier, and Sagat all reunited earlier this year for a series of Full House-themed Super Bowl commercials for Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt. Stamos, you see, has a contract as the pitch man for the brand.

We'll be sure to update you if this new, Olsen-free Full House ever gets the green light.

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