Something called The Village is moving into the massive three-level space that was formerly home to Pearl Paint at 969 Market Street (between 5th and 6th). And it just sounds crazy.

There's going to be a brewpub/dance club on the basement level, and a flexible event space on the ground floor with a 849-person capacity for "product launches" and such. The upper floor will house rentable work spaces and conference rooms, and there will be a commercial kitchen for servicing events that will also be used for an "organic" café/restaurant.

Per the Business Times:

One level includes an “experience design center,” which offers workspaces, fast Internet and Wi-Fi connectivity, a kitchen serving coffee and tea, as well as printers and faxes, according to its web site. The building will also house an organic restaurant, a space for video production, plus room for large-scale event and conference hosting.

This multi-purpose venue joins multiple other new developments that are about to wholly transform the blocks of Market Street between 5th and 7th Streets, including that just-announced food hall in the Hollywood Billiards building, the enormous Market Street Place retail complex, that huge new retail/residential/cultural center directly across from the Pearl space, the Tokyo-style capsule hotel at 7th, the yet-to-be-renamed Renoir Hotel renovation, and the possible nightclub that's going into the former Hibernia Bank.

[SF Business Times]