Comedian/talk show host Chelsea Handler has never been one to shy away from a tussle (see her most recent Instagram shot above, captioned "I'm a Kardashian'"), but is she tough enough for the San Francisco's infamous $1 million-median real estate market?

Handler recently spoke with the SF Chronicle to promote her stand-up appearances in Saratoga and Sonoma this weekend, telling the paper that she's "so excited" to conclude the run of Chelsea Lately, the talk show she's been hosting on E! since 2007.

After the show's final episode on August 26, the raconteur is headed the same direction as many other jobless folks: Netflix. But in Handler's case, she'll star in the Los Gatos-based streaming service's first talk show, as well as present a stand-up special and docu-comedy specials, The NY Daily News reported in June.

And, apparently, she'll be house-hunting in San Francisco. For, in what might be described as the DVD extras of the Chron interview with Handler, reporter Chad Jones says Handler's looking for digs in our fair city.

"I've looked at property in and around San Francisco," she told Jones.

"I plan to do more [house hunting] when I'm up there," Handler said. "I'm trying to convince my sister to move there, so I'd need a little getaway there."

First Tony Stark, now (possibly) Handler? We could do worse, I guess.

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