This year's Outside Lands fest was more popular than ever, with tickets selling out within hours of going on sale, and some 200,000 people reportedly in attendance. A lot of people got screwed before they made it through the gates, however, as at least a few dozen crooks tried to make a quick few thousand dollars selling fake Ticketmaster vouchers and tickets. One of the con artists even told his mark that he would walk her through the gates, as the Chron reports, but disappeared before she found out she'd been duped.

As the SFPD's spokesman Officer Gordon Shyy tells KTVU, 35 people were detained on Friday and Saturday for selling false tickets and passes, which seems to mark a record for this kind of crime at this festival, and likely had something to do with the high demand for tickets.

In other news, a new generation of nerds skirted the alcohol ban by heading into Golden Gate Park days ahead of the festival and burying bottles of whiskey within the festival grounds with GPS trackers on them, as CBS 5 reports.

Also, parking was a nightmare, people peed all over the Avenues, and Uber was charging 5x surge pricing, all of which shouldn't come as that great a surprise.

We'll have a gallery of photos for you shortly.

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