Back in December, 2013, when BART ended their ban on bikes on their trains during rush hour, they told cycle-toting riders that there were still some rules that they need to follow. Now, some eight-odd months later, BART says that many cyclists aren't following those rules...but hastens to add that the transit agency, itself, might be to blame.

When BART's board voted last year to amend the bike rules, they agreed that:

  • During peak commute hours (7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.) bikes aren't allowed in the first three train cars

  • No bikes will allowed in the first train car at any time

  • Bikes are never allowed on crowded trains

  • Bicyclists must yield priority seating to seniors and those with disabilities

  • Bikes are not to block doorways or aisles

  • Bikes are not allowed on escalators.

Sounds pretty doable, right (if it's not, please correct me in the comments)? But, according to the Examiner, cyclists persist in breaking those rules.

Before you scroll to the bottom of the article to post your angry remarks about cyclists, slow your roll: BART is taking the rap for this one.

Steve Beroldo, BART's bike program manager, told the Ex that "It's on us ... to do a little bit more communication about the rule...I think it's fairly clear that not everybody knows about it."

BART's plan to save folks from ignorance of the bike regulations? Signs that will be posted inside BART cars. But even signs come with their own set of challenges. As BART has a total of 11 rules for cyclists (that's one more than God gave Moses, for those keeping track), that's a lot of reading, Beroldo says.

"Car cards are a little challenging. We don't want the print to be too small...We would have to do a couple cards that highlight rules that we want people to be most aware of."

Multiple signs! Finally, something to read when your phone battery dies.

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