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What you're doing this weekend: Outside Lands, August 8-10, 12 p.m. to 9:30/10 p.m.

You guys, it's Outside Lands weekend. Oh crap, you didn’t get a ticket before they sold out in 24-hours? Well, take advantage of a shorter line at State Bird, or a vaguely less trafficky drive to Wine Country or something (or, duh, Craigslist).

For the rest of you 65,000 happy campers: it’s time to PARTY IN THE PARK! With layers. Lots and lots of layers. And probably some bourbon to keep warm (Thrillist reveals four ways to sneak it in. Update via the Thrillist editor: Several of these items in which to hide alcohol might get banned...).

Whether you’ve been to Outside Lands every year or this is your very first time, this is one of the coolest events that happens in our fair city. In addition to having a ridiculously huge and excellent music lineup, there’s killer food, beer, wine, and art. And, it’s all happening in Golden Gate Park which is pretty gorgeous, smells like eucalyptus, and is bikeable.

But, all major music festivals require a greater strategy in order to fully enjoy yourself. First, and foremost: This is not Coachella, friends, and you should not be breaking out your finest festival-wear that is really only suitable for ninety-degree heat. Bring a parka. Carry a backpack. Look like a nerd, or whatever. Nothing sucks worse than bailing out on your favorite band early because you are freezing (the sun has been known to come out, but you're going to want to be prepared...just trust me).

Second, bike, if you’re able. It’s far and away the most pleasant way to get to the festival, and significantly less stressful than cramming onto a Muni bus. As for driving, what, are you just trying to make the festival neighbors pissed off? Just take your car and go to Tahoe, ya jerk. Oh, you’ll give me a ride home? Hey, new best friend!

Finally, focus on the fact that you’re going to be hanging out in the midst of some of the city’s best eating neighborhoods — the Sunset and Richmond. If you’re honest with yourself, you probably don’t get out there all that often (our dear readers who live in the western reaches of the city aside). Now’s the time to take advantage! How? By plotting out your festival revelry around two of the most important meals of the day: brunch and late night drinking food.

Here's your three-day lineup for Outside Lands sustenance. Mix and match your days if you’d like. Fill your flask with something warming. And we’ll see you in the front row (or, in the Wine Tent).


Brunch: Nopalito

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The first morning of Outside Lands is a little bit like Christmas, and kids, everyone’s getting a B.B. Gun! Fuel the excitement (or tend to your “sick day,” cough cough) with a killer Friday brunch at Nopalito. Either the Inner Sunset or Western Addition location will do, and both will be significantly less crowded than on Saturday or Sunday. Gear up for the day with a hearty plate of chilaquiles, a torta, or even a full order of melt-in-your-mouth carnitas. And yes, a few rounds of cocktails should be a given.
306 Broderick Street
1224 9th Avenue

At The Festival: The Heavy Hitters

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Focus on your food priorities today when you still have patience for lines, and a happy buzz from your morning round of mezcal. We suggest the porcini doughnuts from Rich Table, Azalina’s sweet-and-spicy chicken curry nachos, cheese and charcuterie from Cheese Lands, and anything at all from 4505 Meats. But really, peruse the food lineup and make note of the spots you definitely want to go.You can’t go wrong, though, with a microbrew in hand from Beer Lands. Also, it's the first day!!! Of Outside Lands!!! PARTY!!!!

Late Night: The Taco Shop At Underdogs

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Dude, you are on a high after that (sure to be) crazy Kanye set! Can you believe the sh*t he said?! And how hard we danced to “Gold Digger?” Oh, right, you were at the Arctic Monkeys. Okay, well, how about we settle our differences over some incredibly strong margaritas and a massive plate of nachos and a burrito or two and some tacos and… hey! All these guys are coming along! Party at Underdogs!

Dramatic reenactment aside, Underdogs is a legit, chilled out sports bar in the Sunset, it’s a shortish walk from the park (you’re not getting on a bus yet anyway), and they do indeed have nachos, burritos, and the much-lauded Nick’s Crispy Tacos. Also: strong margaritas. More tequila may not be wise, but indulging in your drunk hunger is.
1824 Irving Street


Brunch: Art's Cafe

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Ugh. Welcome to your Saturday hangover, complete with a tequila headache and nacho breath. Much as you would like to stay on your couch watching trashy television today, you bought a three-day pass and dammit, you are going to use it. But first, you a need hangover cure, and you need it fast. Get thee to Art's Cafe in the Inner Sunset. You’ll probably have to wait in line, but that will give you more time to take deep breaths of the bracing, fog-chilled air, and nurse your extra-large double-shot extra-foam whatever from down the street. Once in, order a bulgogi hash brown sandwich (listed on the menu as beef teriyaki) with sunnyside up eggs. You will get a giant, lacy-edged, griddle-topped hash brown filled with melting cheese and tender beef. Break your egg yolks, top with hot sauce, and mix it all together. Today is another day — and you are going to make it happen.
747 Irving Street

At The Festival: The Hangover Busters

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Don’t stop your hangover curing measures when you arrive at the festival, where the options are endless! The egg sandwich from Il Cane Rosso, a chicken and waffle platter from Farmerbrown’s Little Skillet, some garlic mac ‘n’ cheese from Homeroom, a burrito from The Little Chihuahua, grilled cheese from The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen… are all fantastic, hangover appropriate options. Ready yourself for a hair of the dog drink — perhaps a craft cocktail from 15 Romolo or the Alembic at the new GastroMagic will have you feeling spry again? You may even get to see someone twerk for a beignet with Big Freedia (yes, really). BaconLand is there too, should you have a relapse.

Late Night: Toyose

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There’s no better feeling than really triumphing over a brutal hangover. Once you’ve bounced back, and gotten your dance on to Tom Petty or Macklemore, ride your newfound energy all the way out to 45th and Noriega. Fair warning: this is a long walk (should you not have wheels of some form). But once you get there, you’ll find Toyose, a late night Korean joint in a garage. It is as amazing as it sounds. They have spicy fried chicken wings, massive pots of hot soup studded with hot dogs and ramen noodles, and plenty of soju to go around. And they’re open until 3 a.m.! If you have to wait (which you may), there’s a chill pub across the street that makes a mean Irish coffee. Bonus: The 71 basically ends here, so you can get on a nice, empty bus when you’ve had your fill and are ready to head home.
3814 Noriega Street


Brunch: B Star Bar

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Sunday at Outside Lands feels like a triumph, if a slightly bittersweet one. You’ve made it this far — to the very last day — and while you’re tired, and excited to put away your ski jacket, you’re beginning to mourn that it’s almost all over. Toast to a job well done with brunch at B Star, an offshoot of the always-packed Burma Superstar that 1. Takes reservations 2. Has bottomless mimosas and 3. Is delicious. Load up on B-Star’s tasty fusion dishes like the pork tocino, featuring jerk pork and sunnyside eggs, a duck hash quesadilla, or even Japanese red bean french toast. For a great brunch base, try one of their warming bowls of jook. You can even order a tea leaf salad off the lunch menu to work in some greens.
127 Clement Street

At The Festival: A Final Sweep


Today’s the day to try the eats and drinks you missed in the frenzy of first day excitement, and the haze of yesterday’s hangover. Check out the cluster of food trucks on the Polo Fields; sample some great wines at Wine Lands; and try Humphry Slocombe’s dedicated Outside Lands’ flavor in the woods of Choco Lands before it gets too cold. Check out this year’s new vendors, like AQ and Chino, and revisit your favorites if you have room. And yeah, you’ll probably want some apple pie from Three Babes Bakeshop before day’s end, too.

Late Night: Gengki Ramen

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Three days of festival-going can take it out of you. Revive, and warm yourself up with a hot, steaming bowl of ramen. It may not be the best in the city, but Gengki Ramen has tasty (if untraditional) bowls of ma po tofu and curry ramen, and is open until 11 p.m. on Sundays (1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays), plus there's a “late-night” happy hour that starts at 10 p.m.. Shovel down some gyoza and have a final toast to a weekend well done while you wait for your Lyft ride home.
3944 Geary Boulevard

Other options? Do a dim sum brunch on any (or all) of the days; sneak out of the festival a little early to grab a table at a Korean barbecue joint; play games over beers at Little Shamrock; or indulge in some pub food at Durty Nelly’s. If you head back towards downtown, you can score great food and killer cocktails at The Corner Store; and maybe even have a late-night feast at Nopa. No, there’s nothing wrong with topping that off with (another) cheeseburger from 4505 Meats out of their late-night window.

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