As SFist reported on Monday, there’s been an uptick in harassment and intimidation of patients and staff at the Planned Parenthood at 1650 Valencia Street, while the city decides if and how to enforce its 25-foot no-protest buffer after the Supreme Court determined that a similar Massachusetts law was unconstitutional. Now, a Bernal Heights woman who walks past this clinic every day has organized a counter protest at noon today (July 31) that aims to point out the absurdity of the pro-life protestors and give anyone walking into Planned Parenthood a much-needed smile.

Dema Grim said she got the idea from a couple in Raleigh, N.C., who have been counter-protesting at a clinic in Cary, N.C. every Saturday since March with creative signs that range from silly (“Pro-Cat”) to satirical (“World’s Worse Nanny” with an arrow pointing to a pro-life sign that reads “Babies are Murdered Here”).

Grim and her group’s signs include: “Get a life”; “I love healthcare”; “Honk if you're horny”; "NSFW”; and “Pro Dog” (pictured above). Though Planned Parenthood is officially against all counter protests, Grim said her group will respectfully stand outside the 25-foot zone (unlike the protestors causing problems).

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