This marvelous video surfaced today thanks to BuzzFeed (despite being uploaded seven years ago), and it's a fashion survey of seven students at Antioch High School in Northern California in 1984, made by then budding filmmaker Scott Hayden. You might expect that Bay Area teens of the 80s were a little more fashion-forward than some, and a few of these kids are. Things turn a little poignant around the 2:20 mark when Leigh, Charles, purple-mohawked Stephanie, and Wendy all talk about being bullied in the halls because of how they dress. But Wendy, who likes to dress like a 50-year-old woman going to a funeral, always has Leigh's back and turns the attention to her.

And Leslie has some awesome advice for everyone in 1984: "Go to concerts, you'll like 'em. The punk ones."

Meanwhile, Hayden could have done a little better than blond Doug when it comes to interview subjects. Most of his answers are like, "Uhhh, nah."