Starting today (July 22), you can have Bi-Rite Market's goodies delivered direct to your door. It’s only available in San Francisco and through the web and mobile app Instacart, which charges a fee.

Bi-Rite follows in the footsteps of Rainbow Grocery, which partnered with Instacart this April. The local tech company also delivers for Costco, Safeway, and Whole Foods.

As Inside Scoop reports, Instacart will service all deliveries from Bi-Rite’s Divisadero location.

The selection includes the market’s delicious sandwiches, prepared soup, salads, and other meals, and of course its famed house brand ice cream. There’s also a decent selection of cheese, produce, meat, seafood, wine, beer, and bread by Josey Baker and Firebrand. If you’re signing up for the first time, as I did today, the first delivery is free if your order is more than $10. Regular charges range from $5.99 to a $99 annual flat fee.

Rainbow Grocery tells Inside Scoop that its delivery service is going well so far: “We haven’t really surveyed exactly to see how much sales increase has been or what products they’re buying. But overall, they’re doing quite a bit of business,” says the store’s IT/POS coordinator Paul Knowles.

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